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DJ bruce surprises us with exclusive podcast for Kuwait Music! - Kuwait Music - Kuwait's top blog

DJ Bruce surprises us with exclusive podcast for Kuwait Music!

Local brucepod

Published on March 24th, 2013 | by Caesar (ENGAGE)

It is great to see local artists appreciating our work and all of the time and effort we put in to developing Kuwait’s music scene.

But in an amazing gesture, DJ Bruce has taken it up a level by producing an all- exclusive podcast just for us, and we are elated!

Thanks Bruce and continue your amazing work in the EDM scene of Kuwait. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.





Listen to it now!


TECH HOUSE March 2013 (Kuwait-Music Exclusive) by Iamdjbruce on Mixcloud

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About the Author

Caesar is the Founder and CEO of Kuwait Music. A passionate musician and web nerd, Caesar spends most of his time thinking about how to build a healthy music business in the region Follow Caesar at the below links: Google+

37 Responses to DJ Bruce surprises us with exclusive podcast for Kuwait Music!

  1. Yousef A Q8 says:

    Bruce : Killa set man , Great vibes , Keep up the gud work buddy ,

    These guys at Marina FM should have u on the AIR instead of the same old stuff they Keep playing , Marina FM i hope u guys listening ;-)

    Downloading the set rite now :-)

    • Caesar (Kuwait Music) says:


    • Dj Bruce says:

      Yousef A : Appreciate it buddy , enjoy the download , As far as Marina FM goes , i heard they don’t get guest djs over as that already have a dj there, so no worries , Loads of other ways to get the music out there ;-) Thanx for the support

      • Yousef A Q8 says:

        U r honestly gonna change the EDM scene in kuwait ..!!

        Me being a Kuwaiti will no longer have to travel to Dubai to listen o this kind of Amazing music , Hope there’s a place in kuwait u can play this kind of music & we can all come and listen to u , that wud be awesome :-)

        As for Marina FM , u are talking bout Dj X , He is a good dj for commercial music , not this Proper EDM underground music that u play .

        Kuwait – Music maby u guys can get things goin @ the Radio Stations in kuwait , & all the best Kuwaitmusic , u guys have my full support & in future adventures .

        • Caesar (Kuwait Music) says:


          • Dj Bruce says:

            Yousef A Q8 : wOOOOw , Appreciate all the support & yeah KM doin a killa Job out here in kuwait , Kuddos to them .

            Hopefully the scene in kuwait livens up , u dont need to have illegal substances to have a gud time , To me Just the beach & a cold glass of Ice tea & summ killa tunes is a perfect way to enjoy ;-)

            • Yousef A Q8 says:

              So true , In kuwait we have to follow the law , but what your saying is true , we really don’t need illegal substances to have a nice time .

              If big companies like Wataniya & Zain & Viva & the other day some La fiesta company, can have big events .
              I feel even u can have something small at a legit place , with the permission from the Kuwait govt & have people over to have a nice relax full time. .

              As long as there is no illegal substances , then everything should be perfect . This is just my Opinion.

              I was surprised the other day to read on 248am , that Kuwait is in the top 5 Rudest countries in the word to Expats.
              I really hope things do change in the near future for Kuwait.
              I don’t mean Clubs/ Alcohol / Drugs !!! Just a little bit more Music freedom , would take this country a long way .

              Very Good Example : People wouldn’t have to travel from kuwait to Dubai or Bahrain , just to Listen to good music & have a nice time .

              Tourism will boom in kuwait if things do change , Keeping my fingers crossed For a good change in my country.

              KuwaitMusic , Again you guys r playing a huge part in this change & wish u all the best .

            • Caesar (Kuwait Music) says:

              +1 million :)

            • Caesar (Kuwait Music) says:

              Thanks Yousef :)

              Please do go through all the articles on our site , especially in this section:

              We’ve practically dissected every aspect of Kuwait’ Music scene over the last 2.5 years. More gigs are happening now, more live concerts are taking place, music lovers are actually going out and listening to local musicians perform and Im proud to say that Kuwait Music has been the primary driver of this. But not on our own. Its because of amazing support and continuous unconditional drive that we get from guys like DJ Bruce and a host of several other musicians in the country.

              We would never have been able to become the largest music related resource in Kuwait if it wasnt for them.

  2. Khaled al attar says:

    duuuuudeeeeee. freakin A!!!!

  3. jelly bean Q8 says:

    this has got to be the best set ive ever heard coming out of kuwait. DOPE.

  4. Wael amin says:

    amazing stuff… downloading now. Keep up the great work fellas

  5. Dj Bruce says:

    Just wud like to thank Kuwait – Music , for all the love & support all these years ! U guys r doin an amazing job , Party Onnnn ;-) Cheerzz

  6. De Lee says:

    Ufff! Great set Bruce! I’m glad i wore my dancing shoes to work today. =)

  7. Thamer Amin says:

    Flawless mix man! Listening to it right now. Loving the track selection. Keep them coming! (Y)

    “Right here, right now” ..what a TUNE! Classic.

  8. Yousef A Q8 says:

    Loving the ….. Fat Boy Slim – Right here RIght now mix & Gabriel Marchisio, Transfers – Move Out!! (Techmania mix) ….Amazing track selection Bruce keep it up

  9. Gina sabang says:

    I love it !!! Fabulous mix Bruce !

  10. Yamin says:

    killing it as always jigga… n its one of my fav genres (tech house)… I would kiss u if u were in front of me right now… hahahahahha ;)…

  11. Yousef A.Q.A says:

    Hey man, nice set. Happy to see people into this music in kuwait. I’m a kuwaiti dj but i’m based in the uk where i also run my own house night called Nova u should check it out http://www.facebook.com/novadurham?fref=ts. Am back for a couple of weeks now, send a message to the nova page’s inbox and will send u my facebook page would be nice to chat. hope all is well

  12. Yousef A.Q.A says:

    bruce just sent you an email…check it and get back to me…and yea we should all meet up

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