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And the winner is…

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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Frankie and Masoud


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In round 1, MC Invisible wrote a very smooth flow, ripe with Star Wars references. For those who haven’t caught on, Skywalker is the last name of Luke Skywalker, the lead role in the initial Star Wars movies.


MC pointed out that Skywalker picked a white man’s name. That he was ashamed of his ‘dark side’ (get it?) and was already ‘losing the race’ (double meaning). He referenced Skywalker’s support in the battle versus DSouzaKC and referred to the handout (an act of charity) but also the part of the movie where Luke Skywalker gets his arm chopped off. The rap ‘Empire’ (as in ‘the empire strikes back?), and refers to that often quoted line “Luke I am your father!’ but also plays on the word motherf***er because duh – that’s what dads do to moms.


He referred to Obi-Wan as a has-been (Obi-Wan was the supposed wise mentor who was killed ie quite literally a has-been).


He got some wordplay in with ‘put your wookie where your mouth is’ and also with ‘using the force’ in a sense that Skywalker’s rhymes were ‘forced’.


All in all, chock full of movie references but delivered in the form of very strong attacks.


Skywalker was definitely the first to make full use of the medium of the written rap battle. He intro’d with cracking his knuckles, used the space, arrows and text to his advantage. He had a very classic feel to his delivery that felt quite right. Not only was his massive space innovative, he bookended it with some great attacks. It did help of course that the arrows and brackets actually looked like Scorpion of Mortal Kombat spearing somebody. We are not sure if this was intentional but hey, it worked great! Again some great attacks with the vibrator line, not even completing one of his rhymes cus he didn’t need to bother, the Scorpion hit, the McInvisible lines…


Overall in round one, MC Invisible’s attacks won, Skywalker didn’t respond to any of them but he took the battle to an entirely new level with his use of the format. Hence MC Invisible came out just a little ahead.


In round two, we felt the commentors were right. MC Invisible did have some great rhymes. Perhaps too many because they seemed a bit forced and frantic, sacrificing the flow. At times the content was more confusing than it needed to be. His second half was much stronger, starting from the racist attacks all the way till the end.


But Skywalker’s comeback was strong from start to finish and again stronger in the second half. He didn’t seem fazed and this around he took the time to answer some of the attacks. A very risky but cleverly-played strategy – getting MC Invisible worked up by not retorting properly and then taking advantage of the fact that MC Invisible overshot his response. We found Skywalker’s word plays clever. Perhaps they weren’t hard hitting all the time and not always on topic – but it just gave the impression that he was taking it easy cus he didn’t need to go all dramatic.


Which is why SKYWALKER wins this battle. Again a very close battle and lots of talent on both sides. And lots of pop culture references which keeps it interesting – this is the sorta thing we like to see!

Next round - Skywalker versus Big Mo. Stay tuned!




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Frankie and Masoud are Kuwait Music's professional reviewers. 'Nuff said!

8 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Fred says:

    This was a fair assessment . Yes, sky walker deserved it .. Nice battle this one !

  2. Skywalker says:

    In case anyone is interested….I’m not new to the rap battle scene, the poetry scene or the music scene….


    John Skywalker is on Facebook! Look me up!!

    TranscenDance mixtape was just released a few days ago. Here’s the link


    Salutes the Invisible for the challenge…I was more impressed with his first verse than his second. He gave me plenty of ammo for the 2nd round. I was digging his Star Wars theme – he played on it cleverly. It’s not easy to turn Star Wars concepts into hard hitting disses since it’s a sci-fi fantasy genre. I chose not to respond to his first because I wanted to build up the intensity of the battle; I wanted to wait to see his response to my nonresponsiveness. I came stronger in the 2nd round to appease the crowd. While some of my wordplay may have went over people’s heads, I figured as much. I wanted to challenge the crowd to rewind and critically think about what’s being said because in rap battles…that’s what it’s all about. Not so much as winning, but exhbiting intelligence. The judges figured correctly…my nonresponsiveness was a tactic to distort his composure.

    I’m excited about battling Big Mo…..I’ve heard his material, and I like what I hear….this should be good if not better.

  3. Nabeel says:

    Well done Skywalker!

  4. MC Invisible says:

    I’d like to thank Kuwait Music for the opportunity to let loose at the Snake Pit! And much respect to Skywalker. They say the longer you wait, the sweeter the kill. So I await the next time we do battle!

  5. Comfort says:

    Congratulations Skywalker.

  6. Ahmad says:

    Where did big mo come from? Hes not on the list of contestants.

  7. Nabeel says:

    Skywalker versus Big Mo – NOT to be missed people!

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