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Get massive views on your Youtube music video channel

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Published on June 12th, 2013 | by Caesar (ENGAGE)


There are many of you bands, DJ’s and independent artists out there that have videos posted onto their Youtube channels , but are you getting the views you deserve?  Here are a few simple tips we’ve compiled to help you get massive views.


1) Post , Post, Post!

Post interesting and compelling videos on a regular basis. This keeps your channel fresh and maintains ‘sticky’ visitors.


2) Optimize the organic stuff

Optimize stuff like title, tags and descriptions off videos. Its extremely important for searchers on both YouTube and search engines.


3) Thumbnails

Creating custom thumbnails for your videos adds a touch of uniqueness to the video. Plus it adds relevance to user search keywords in Google image searches as well. We are guilty as charged! Need to change KM’s thumbnails on our channels!


4) Utilize and act

Use all your metrics provided by Youtube, not only the views. You’ll be surprised how much insight you can gain on your videos, which will help you improve performance of newer ones.


5) Interact

Engage‘ your fan base by replying to comments, cross posting from Facebook and Twitter. You cant imagine how effective this is!


6) Comment on similar videos

Make comments on videos similar to yours. This makes it easier for Youtube’s search radar to pick up your content in “related videos”. A great origanic traffic booster!


7) Create playlists

Playlists are a great way of segregating your music for different audiences. The more playlists you have, the larger your audience base will start to grow.



If you think you have more tips and ideas,   please share it with us here >>





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Caesar is the Founder and CEO of Kuwait Music. A passionate musician and web nerd, Caesar spends most of his time thinking about how to build a healthy music business in the region Follow Caesar at the below links: Google+

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