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5 simple ways to an amazing band website | Kuwait-Music.com | March 30, 2012

Get a stunning band website in 5 simple steps

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Published on March 24th, 2013 | by Caesar (ENGAGE)

Good band websites are hard to come by these days, especially for bands in Kuwait due to the pathetic pool of web design resources available. Most bands in Kuwait focus on discussion boards and Facebook But what about the image, the brand, the music? what about pitching the gigs and tracking them? Here are 5 simple ways we’ve identified to help all bands in Kuwait get the exposure they deserve!

1) Hire a photographer and take some amazing band profile pictures:

Band photography

Band photography

The first, is the most obvious, and one of the most important elements to include. The picture of the band with band member information. Remember most of your fans not only want to know more about the music, but they also want to know more about the individuals that make up the group. So remember to make this a priority, not only because of its necessity to the site and the fans, but also because of the way it can feed the design.

2) Showcase the Music

Showcase the Music

Showcase the Music

Now given that the band’s art is your music, you want to make sure that it is highlighted on the site with an appropriately styled presentation that suits your work. So be sure to have a great looking playlist for the users. Remember not everyone visiting the site has necessarily heard the band’s music before, they could have been sent there by friends. Having a well designed playlist can draw new listeners and help to gain new fans, so pay attention to this element.

3) Gigs and Calendar of Events



Another classic must- have element when designing a band site, is a calendar of events. This is another area of the site that the fans are certainly going to be searching for, so you do not want to make them have to look far. You need to be sure that the fanbase knows where and when they can catch the band performing, and you as the designer need to include this section and make it really pop.

4) Create a newsletter subscription for fans



Beyond just a calendar to help the band’s fans keep up with what is going on with the group, the inclusion of an online newsletter than can be posted to the site is another great way to get this done. This element offers a bit more of a personal reach into the band, making more of a connection with the fans.

5) What would you like to see us play?



Not all fans enjoy your original tracks. Some fans love your skills, style and stage presence and just want to see you perform some of their favorite tracks at the next gig. Maintain a simple song request form for fans to submit a wishlist of songs they’d like to see you play. This way , if any of the requests are in line with your genre and style, you could play it at the next event. Imagine the response.

If you have any more tips to share, please comment below!



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