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coursera free online courses

Free Online Music Courses

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Published on February 9th, 2013 | by Nabeel

Yep you heard right.  Coursera is a website that offers free courses  - fantastic free courses in fact. I’ve enrolled in three myself. And they’re all from very reputable universities and colleges like Emory, Berklee, University of London etc.

What’s the catch?

Well if you’re in it solely for the education then there is none. However if you are looking for a qualification – there MAY be a small fee for getting your certificate at the end. But right now I’m on the introduction to Sound Design course and it is blowing my mind with how in depth it is.

Check out this link for all the music-related courses. They include Intro to Sound Production, Intro to Improvisation, Songwriting, Intro to Guitar and more.




And obviously there are tonnes of other courses, that are non-music related, on Coursera.


About the Author

Nabeel Mohan is Editor-In-Chief at ENGAGE. As a science fiction buff, he loves robots and space aliens and if ever the world were to be taken over by robot space aliens, he would be the first to betray the human race.

5 Responses to Free Online Music Courses

  1. AQ says:

    Amazing indeed amigo…. Great share!

  2. Nabeel says:

    its totally worth it! if the intro to sound design comes up again ill alert the KM audience because it is just that good!

  3. Nabeel says:

    lol AQ doesnt need intro to guitar thou

  4. AQ says:

    lol Nabeel…

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